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In these trying times... isn't it nice to know somewhere, sometime, someTHING is getting fisted?

We here at All Puppet Players are doing our best to make sure you are entertained during these Quarantine Times. Most theaters are preparing to reopen in 2021 and that seems more and more likely for us as AZ goes into full blown "Walking Dead" mode. HOWEVER, we are still trying to perform. We are still doing what we can to make your life a little brighter in the midst of all of this chaos. We have been doing internet shows and showing all of our old programs on Youtube and Facebook. 

Now we are launching our VERY popular "Movie Nights" online. For just $5 a month (or more if you're feeling generous!) you can join us every Saturday at 8pm and watch a movie carefully selected to be BAD! Depending on the level of "puppet-child-support" you can also earn exclusive merchandise and even links to our past shows to watch on your own. 

Our movie night will include special guests, a couple of puppets and a custom made Nic Cage puppet to bring you some cult classics films while our comedians crack wise. Sorta like Mystery Science Theater - only LEGALLY NOT. 

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE go to to sign up and get ready for some heavy petting and down right dirty fisting!
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Movie Nights
All Summer Long

Watch some truly bizarre films and enjoy puppet commentary for less than a cup of coffee!

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There is nothing more American than donating to an anarchistic puppet organization that's sole goal is to rock your face off with comedy! The Founding Father's would agree... For the most part.