All Puppet Players take on one of the most revered independent films in movie history! However, reverence is not their forte, and their dog-eat-dog style will surly lampoon the movie’s plot holes with a mix of pop-culture references and a pincher of anarchy to make this one of wildest productions ever. Quentin Tarantino’s timeless classic will star canine-counterparts (that’s right, all the characters are dog puppets) to tell the story of a group of thieves who try to pull of the biggest heist of their lives. Only to find out that one of them… might be a dog catcher! 

If you like puppets, dogs, comedy, and all out craziness, you’re barking up the RIGHT tree! Come join us for one of the biggest shows APP has ever tried to un-leash. Boom! Dog-pun! Trust us, that won’t be the last one.
Get your tickets now and find out the answer to the age-old question: Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?


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