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Get ready for a hilariously twisted take on Stephen King's 'It' as the All Puppet Players unleash their puppet anarchy on the unsuspecting town of Derry! Watch as our merry band of puppet weirdos bring the Losers Club to life, complete with a shape-shifting clown named Pennywise, in a way you've never seen before - as a full-blown comedy!

With their off-the-wall improv, pop-culture references, and irreverent humor, the All Puppet Players will have you laughing and screaming in equal measure. Join us for a night of spine-tingling terror and puppet comedy as the puppets from Phoenix, AZ take on the inhabitants of Derry, ME. It's the ultimate mashup of clowns and puppets that will have you questioning what's scarier!

Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening of comedy and horror as we redefine the classic tale of 'It' in the most unexpected way possible. Get your tickets now and prepare to be thoroughly entertained (and slightly terrified)!

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