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ReXamined is what happens when the X-Files is rewatched, skewed and prodded with the help of "true believer" Shannon Phelps and her hairy counter-pointer Crunchy. Every Sunday, at 7:30pm, the pair will watch an episode, crack-wise, chat with you and reexamine a 90's phenomenon. If you have never watched an episode, or are a true fan, there is a lot to like when these two search for "the truth." Sunday, March 13th premiere at 7:30pm (MST).

The world is crazy!

We are stressed!

And what's worse... we all have A.D.D.!


That's where Chuck comes in. Chuck-N-Recordsis a lunch time show to help you relax from the mid-week grind. Chuck picks a record, and you listen, all the way through, with the goal to just shut down and listen. Playing music that inspires, challenges, and makes you sane, Chuck will help you enjoy your lunch break again while he lights some " incense", turns some records, and chills-n-chats with ya. March 23rd premiere!


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