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Has No Legs

The All Puppet Players ground-breaking and instant hit brings Shakespeare's immortal classic to life like you've never seen it before -- with puppets.

Hamlet Has No Legs re-imagines literature's most famous tragedy as an off-the-wall, all-puppet production. With successful runs in Santa Ana, Brea and Fullerton, this is the show that put APP on the map.


This adaptation may make you never
want to see Hamlet any other way!

"It was awe-filled, self-indulgent, and monumentally silly. Hamlet felt newly minted, and that’s really saying something"
-James Scarborough, The Huffington Post

"...is an in your face, funny, guerilla theater, Punch and Judy style, no holds barred Hamlet. Did I mention that it is funny?"
-Patti Cumby, OC Theatre Reviews

"Hamlet Has No Legs is adulterated hilarity influenced by The Muppet Show and intermingled with improv."
-Melissa Crismon, Playshakespeare.com

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