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Has No Legs

Mary Shelly's Gothic horror story is brought to life by APP to create a theater going experience unlike anything you've seen before.


Puppets create a mood and a style that draws you in to the story of Victor and his crusade to defeat death. Along the way, he will abandon morals, values and his ethics to create a monster that will become his greatest enemy.


All Puppet Players meld their audience interaction, comedy and especially drama to bring an experience that is immersive, hilarious and beautiful. 

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“We laughed our heads off and at other times the drama and movement of the puppets could be quite touching. Very memorable to say the least.”
-Goldstar member

“Best version of Frankenstein I have ever seen!”
-Mary Shelley

“I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. Great combination of comedy improv, puppets and story.”
-Goldstar member

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